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Lasting results. Ultimate change. Novel pricing.


nov-uhl: of a new and unusual kind; different from anything seen or known before

Equal & Fair Pricing For All

We are proud trailblazers in the curly hair industry, paving a new road for the customer experience. Our innovative pricing concept creates pricing that is equal and fair in nature and gives our clients a say in what they pay.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women and children with textured hair to walk in their truest identity and to eliminate industry shortcomings that impede on equality and accessibility for naturals in the salon space

Our Beliefs

Fair Pricing

We believe naturals deserve non-discriminatory pricing that is equal and fair in nature


We believe connection through community empowers naturals to be their most confident version of themselves


We believe education is the key to becoming self sufficient in managing your natural curly hair with confidence

Unconditional Service

We believe naturals deserve high quality service that is not based on condition, but expressed through untainted care and concern


Shine Curl Academy

At Shine Curl Studio, we take education up a notch by creating a safe learning environment through mentorship. In the rapid evolution of curly hair trends that surround us, we have become a solution in making sure textured haired individuals understand the fundamentals in managing their hair on their own. Our academy opens up a new way of learning your curls, making your salon visits more than just haircare.