Finally you can take your stylist home with you.

Get up close and personal with your curls and your curl mentor as you embark on a new endeavour of learning the real "Curly Girl Method".

What is the SCA Boot Camp?

The SCA boot camp is the first ever client-based curly hair mentorship program, designed to take the hassle and confusion out of managing your natural curly hair and finally let your curls thrive as they should. Our 12 week hybrid program operates with both community-based and one to one coaching sessions and incorporates in-salon, hands-on learning to empower and equip our mentees in proper hair management. The program kicks off with a foundational Shine Curly Cut and probably more information than you'll know what to do with! Rest assured, over the next twelve weeks your curl mentor will guide you, keeping you on track and making sure every bit of information stays with you and is put into practice. Mentees complete the program with what would typically be their next in-salon appointment - their first maintenance cut - and graduate from the academy ready to rock their routine on their own.

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Who is the SCA Boot Camp for?

Picture this: You're at your salon appointment, soaking up all the knowledge, asking all the questions, and feeling more confident in your curly hair routine than ever before. You leave the salon with a bounce in your step, excited to conquer your next wash day at home. But as you stand in front of the mirror, an abundance of products in hand, you realize you can't remember anything your stylist shared. Frustration sets in as you struggle to recreate the magic. Sound familiar?

We understand that frustration of feeling lost and overwhelmed with your hair, and we're here to help. In the SCA Boot Camp, we're more than just stylists—we're your mentors in mastering your curly hair routine. Whether it's teaching techniques, sharing product recommendations, or providing ongoing support, we're committed to empowering you every step of the way. Say goodbye to the endless cycle of uncertainty and hello to confidence and control over your curls. Your success is our mission!

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two woman smiling

Our mentorship program is designed for those ready to embark on the empowering journey of embracing their natural hair. We understand that reaching your hair goals is a process that requires dedication and patience. That's why we offer a supportive community and expert mentorship to help you exceed your hair goals and embrace the lifestyle of being a natural.

Our unique blend of community-focused education and one-on-one learning isn't just about turning wash day into wash hour—it's about transforming the way you see yourself as a natural. With our program, you'll reclaim your time, money, and peace of mind spent on managing your curls, allowing you to embrace your natural beauty with confidence and joy.

If you're ready to take control of your curly hair journey and transform your life as a natural, our mentorship program is designed for you. Join us and unlock the power of self-sufficiency and self-love in your natural hair care routine.

Twelve weeks of non-stop curly hair education

The SCA Boot Camp may also be for you if...

  • you are transitioning from heat/chemically damaged hair

  • you know your curls have much more potential than what you've seen but aren't sure how to achieve it

  • you feel misguided in washing, conditioning and/or styling your hair

  • you wish to wear your natural hair out on a regular basis

  • you or your teen struggle to keep up with managing their curls

  • you have always had curly hair but never known how to manage it

  • you want to save money by gaining direction and control in product knowledge

*At this time we are accepting mentees aged 13 years & up.*

woman wearing yellow crew-neck shirt sitting near white concrete building during daytime
woman wearing yellow crew-neck shirt sitting near white concrete building during daytime