Frequently Asked Questions...

Q:What is a Shine Service?

A: All Shine Services are part of our unique pricing system. These services require an entry fee upon booking, plus a service fee that is determined by the client in the salon upon service completion. You can view our pricing guide here.

Q: Is a service fee the same as a tip?

A: Although clients are able to choose their own service fee amount for Shine Services, this fee is not the same as a tip. Service fees are required, however, leaving a tip is completely up to you!

Q: Do you charge extra for density?

A: No! There are never any hidden or additional fees at Shine Curl Studio. What you see is what you pay!

Q: Are all services Shine Services?

A: Not all services are Shine Services. Any service that is NOT a Shine Service has its full price listed when booking. No further fees are required.

Q: When can I register for the Shine Curl Academy Mentorship Program?

A: Sit tight! Registration will be opening soon. Join our waitlist to be notified first when registration opens.

Q: Is there free parking at the salon?

A: Yes! There are plenty of free parking spaces outside of the salon.

Q: I lost/didn't receive an entry code to get into the salon. What do I do?

A: Please contact the studio via WhatsApp at 289-302-7689 to receive the entry code if you do not have it.