Our Founder

Like many of you, I grew up with naturally curly hair and had no idea what to do with it. Over many years of frustration and much trial and error, I would soon find myself becoming passionate about understanding curls and began my specialty as a curly hair stylist in 2017. During my experience working as an employee hairstylist I couldn't help but notice the twofold epidemic that clients are facing in curly hair salons today: subpar education and unfair pricing. Numerous interactions with clients over the years, along with my desire to see naturals thriving in curl confidence is what sparked the ideas, concepts and philosophies behind Shine Curl Studio. It is my ultimate goal and top priority to serve the curly hair community unconditionally and with a pure motive through Shine Curl Studio. I look forward to taking you along on this exciting journey with me!

"I don't care how much you pay me, I just want to help."

-Natalie Murrell, Founder & Owner


Shine Curl Studio was born out of an intrinsic desire to raise industry standards in curly hair salons. Our ambitions have driven us to break through existing barriers to create a new experience for naturals that is founded on education via mentorship and non-discriminatory pricing that is equal and fair in nature. We believe in the immense value that education has to offer, and that it is a critical component of seeing women embracing their textured hair with confidence. Our innovative pricing strategy along with our curl mentorship allows us to cultivate a space of freedom, equality and community for curly haired women everywhere.

About Our Brand